07 October 2015 @ 01:44 pm
 Working with a new deck: Vintage Wisdom Oracle

Nature: How appropriate after recent events here in Columbia, SC. This card is a reminder to reconnect myself to nature in light of all of our technological craziness and busy life. Nature is the symbol of death, renewal and remembrance. 

This was driven home to me yesterday after I personally toured a good friend's apartment, which was destroyed by the floods here. I took photos, offering to use my photography to help her donation recovery fund. It was a jarring reminder how quickly things can change, literally within a span of an hour or so. So many memories there. Her daughter's birthday parties, nights of girl talks after break ups or venting about our former employer, even surviving lay offs from jobs. All reduced to a muddy mess. 

Mother Nature is powerful. I will contest to that now. She's a force I will respect. 

But this appears to be a theme in my whole year. Starts, crises, then recovery. I'm a bit tired. Not as tired as others though. 
Current Mood: blank