cloudia: (pic#8901846)
Heather ([personal profile] cloudia) wrote on January 31st, 2016 at 08:36 am
Baba Yaga and Protection
Baba Yaga: A reminder to be myself. After receiving some unsettling news last night, this card is a welcome reminder. I have come this far to be myself, not the manipulated construct of someone else's intent. I remember the enamor very well... how powerful it was, and how willing I was to lose myself in the requests. I shall not sink. I shall not fall again. I shall remain quiet without comment. In the end that's what you are looking for... never was about me. Always was about you. 

Protection: I am protected. Good to know this. From what... I am uncertain. Perhaps my past, perhaps the news I received. Also a reminder to be mindful of my thoughts as they can attract darkness as well as light. Helpful reminder... I must not dwell. 
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