cloudia: (pic#8974107)
Heather ([personal profile] cloudia) wrote on January 28th, 2016 at 12:24 pm
White Buffalo Woman & Thoughts
 White Buffalo Woman: A reminder to develop more rituals into my life that promote peace. Peace not just with people, but within myself. Life, has been busy. Between work and school, I find myself trying to develop a balance. This became increasingly clear 2 nights ago when I found myself cramming for my first exam of the semester. I must find a balance between all aspects of my life to find peace for myself and others. I know this takes scheduling, dedication, and determination to do what I must, even if it involves pulling back occasionally for myself. I acknowledge that when all aspects of my life start to flood into each other, I get rattled. I become less peaceful even in my actions.

 Thought: There is power behind thoughts, and this card is a reminder that I need to take time to recognize such. This one I will need to ponder... no pun intended
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