cloudia: (pic#8974107)
Heather ([personal profile] cloudia) wrote on September 10th, 2015 at 03:56 pm
Gaia & Dog (Reversed)
Gaia: Excellent to see this card again, a blessing to be creative. Today, I am assigned to my student film, and again I am a Production Manager. Wasn't my first choice, but that's what happens during a draft. You bid along with others, and eventually you're moved around. The project overall I think I will enjoy. It involves the story of a photographer. I won't release details yet (creative copyrights folks!) but it is a subject matter very close to my heart.

Dog (Reversed): This card signifies that I am not feeling worthy. Kinda true lately. I have been self punishing myself again with worry and doubt. It's a side effect of lots of change all at once, the end of some terrible situations and the start of new (hopefully happier) ones. It's a reminder to stand up to my adversaries and keep pushing forward. But also a reminder not to gossip, not to reduce myself to the fearful tactics of other humans. 
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