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Heather ([personal profile] cloudia) wrote on August 22nd, 2015 at 06:54 pm
Qetesh and Rabbit (reversed)
 Qestesh - Pleasure: Now usually when I pull this card I find an excuse to run out to the bar. But not tonight. School is back in session, I'm working full-time, and frankly my back and ass (yes I said my ass) hurts like hell from work today. So instead I've run to the grocery store, slathered up some half chicken parts with Creole seasoning and am currently roasting them in my oven. Is food pleasure? Hell yes when you're starving from 10 hours of lifting, squatting, and pushing couple hundreds pounds of inventory across a warehouse. But I digress...

So this card suggests being in the moment when you are having fun, and release worry, whether it be through art, seeing friends, or just doing something you enjoy. A no brainer for an artist/photographer - go do some photo work (I am thankfully almost done with these wedding edits!!!)

Rabbit - Fear (Reversed): Now this is where it gets interesting when adding onto what I see in the first card. Reversed rabbit symbolizes paralyzed rabbit from failing to resolve a situation. It shows a time to either take a rest, wait for the forces of the universe to start moving again. The card ALWAYS shows a time where one should re-evaluate the process I am undergoing and rid myself of negative feelings. 

Here we go again with the negative feelings thing again, good grief. See prior card readings...

In short this card means my influence on a situation cannot be felt at this time until I see things differently. Which situation exactly?

It is funny I have pulled this card as my second to Qetesh. I had decided it was time to "burrow" myself in for awhile. I've privatized my twitter, and spent little time on facebook. I have had some concerns lately eating at me about prior events. It's one of those undecided moments in my life where I see paths opening up, but hell if I wanna take any of them. And these paths range from a variety of things: career, art, even socially. I wouldn't call it fear, just a nagging sense that these new paths are carbon copies of past unresolved bullshit.

So to gain further insight, I asked my third deck, what the main issue was bothering me based on these two prior cards:

The Soul Shrinker (Reversed) - Cruelty, Malice, Curses. Destruction. Blessing:
the title alone sounds terrible...
Oh great....
This card suggests gossip, malice, and slander are occurring somewhere in the situation, cursing the people involved. To rectify begin scattering blessings, positive feedback, thank yous, and kind words.

The kicker: I gotta mean it.


Damn faerie cards.

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